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Daman Bamrah


Trading jokes for food.

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Inside DAMAN BAMRAH not like that

A British-Sikh performer with raw wit, likability and heart, the in-demand Daman is known for his topical writing, acute observations and imaginative storytelling. His blend of carefully crafted jokes along with his signature charm has lead to his supporting some of the biggest names in the industry including Ria Lina, Jamali Maddix, Babatunde Aleshe, Kae Kurd and Mo Gilligan. 

Online, Daman is making his presence known with regular self-shot and cleverly edited videos, which have rapidly expanded his TikTok and Instagram profiles with some videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views and counting.


Captive Audience (Channel 4)

The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan (Channel 4)

BBC New Comedy Awards (BBC One)

BBC Asian Network Network Comedy Night (BBC Three)


-Komedia New Comedy Award Runner Up 2023-

-Leicester Square New Comedian of The Year Semi-Finalist 2022-

-BBC New Comedy Award Semi-Finalist 2021-

-Southport New Comedian of The Year Finalist 2021-

-Chester New Comedian of The Year Winner 2021-

-2Northdown New Comedian of The Year Semi-Finalist 2021-

-King Gong Finalist April 2021-

-Beat The Frog Finalist May 2021-

'One of my favourites'

- Mo Gilligan



'The next big thing'




upcoming gigs


18th - Jericho Comedy, Oxford

23rd - Desi Central @ Top Secret

24th/25th - Manford's Comedy Teeside

30th - Hot off the Edinburgh Press, Brighton


1st - Exchange Theatre Twickenham

2nd - Jericho (Early and Late Shows!)

4th - Soho Comedy Factory

5th - SOAS Union Comedy

7th - West End Comedy Club, Covent Garden

13th - Soho Comedy Factory

15th - Plaza Theatre Winchester

20th - Soho Comedy Factory

21st - Worcester Comedy

31st - New Years Eve Gig



6th - Comedy Vaudeville, Piccadilly Circus

18th - Great British Problems, Guildford

19th - Big Belly Comedy, Vauxhall

27th - Manford's Comedy, Rugby


2nd - Epsom Horton, Chapel Arts

3rd - Poodle Club

9th/10th - Up The Creek, Greenwich

15th - West End Comedy Club, Covent Garden


1st - Matlock Comedy

9th - Great British Problems, Kendall (Brewery Arts)

28th - Reading Rep Theatre

30th - Comedy on the Farm, Leeds


5th/6th - Banana Cabaret


10th - Comedy Bunker, Uxbridge Golf Club

24th/25th - Komedia Brighton


7th/8th - Up The Creek, Greenwich

27th - A Night at The Theatre, Leicester, De Montford Hall

Watch daman in action

kate lennon
+44 203 735

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