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Stay connected with me online

That sounded super desperate! I'm not desperate. Of course not. I really do think you should stay online and stay connected with me in many different ways.

1. I am on YouTube. I made videos in the past, then had a quick food break, then a year and a half later got back to it. I'm documenting this journey through stand up and think that you should watch my personality creep out painfully slowly over the course of the next 4-5 years. (Why is talking in front of the camera so damn hard?!)

Watch the video here and subscribe!

I'm planning a new series, and you are all invited to the premiere. Time: TBC. Location: Wherever you're holding your smartphone at the time, you addict.

2. I'm on social media. There are links to all my social media sites below - connect with me there so I can get a working understanding of 'the gram' etc.

Twitter: @dsbamrah

Instagram: daman.bamrah

Snapchat: daman.bamrah [yes you followed that link correctly]

Seriously though your support is everything, so in advance, thank you for anything and everything of mine that you support, it takes me one step closer to starring in a movie with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.


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